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Buy one or more video clips from us and use them as you like. Use it on your social media, webpages, blog, webstore and more. 

We take clients from all around the world and we use PayPal. From $20 and that's a really good price. You can also order a complete Wordpress site from us. From $300 with max. five sub-pages.

We work fast and we create cheap but good video clips for our clients. We are based in Sweden and take clients from all around the world. We create video clips in both .mp4 and .gif files.

We also create complete wordpress websites. You can have a complete website with a maximum of five sub pages from $300. We work for and with you and we want you to be satisfied with us and our work so we give you a money back guarantee for 30- days.


We sell videoclips - Bannerdesign - Websites - Digital products - E-books - Softwares - Poster design - Social media ads - Mp4 videos - Gif's And so much more. We are just launching our webstore and that's why you don't see a lot of products in it (yet).

Visit our Instagram/Facebook page and see what we can do for you.

You can also place your order thru DM or PM.

Video Clipz Online

A moving picture is more attractive than just a plain photo. If you need more visitors or buyers you must catch them with a 5 second clip. If your clip is 5 second or less then it's going on autoplay on your social media accounts and that's gonna attract your visitors.

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